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We’ve been successfully creating online pre-recorded video courses for 3 years now and are happy to announce Action Explorations Pre-Recorded Video Course Production, Marketing and Storage Services for:

  • clinicians, 

  • educators,

  • coaches, 

  • institutes. 


This service helps to establish and grow educational business while increasing their revenue. 

Why Pre-Recorded Online Courses? 


Statistics on using video content: 

  • Video content is the most effective marketing instrument in 2023

  • You’ll obtain this course forever and use it for: advertising, posting, educational purposes ets. 


Your Needs Are: 

  • Create a pre-recorded online video course

  • Create, market, and safely store your online pre-recorded course  

  • Study the business of “Online courses”, get involved in this niche and make money on it, instead of losing time and money.

Problems creating courses on your own or via video production company:  


  • “Creating a curriculum, writing a script, production, management, and shooting takes forever” 

  • “Video production companies cost a fortune; I can’t afford them. The company does not understand the specifics, and this costs more time and money”

  • “Marketing and sales – I’m not sure what to do” 

  • “I have no idea how to shoot the videos”


We manage your online video course production so you can live your life freely, not spending most of your time creating video content. 

Video Production Company

Action Explorations Solutions




Writing the script takes you hours

Prep, organizing participants group

Takes hours to manage the group, including video release forms, etc. 
Video Production

AE Solution
They don’t understand the topic
1-2 structured forms to fill in. Takes 2-hours max 
Companies do not manage the groups; you will manage the group on your own

We fully organize your course shooting online (including managing the group of participants)

Action Explorations Video Production Service




Production Time/


2-3 hours/

2-3 hours/

22-40 business days/

$ 2500

One Module Course Production 


-5-20 min video lecture

-10-15 min warm up

-20-60 min drama

-15-30 min processing

- handouts

-1 video preview for each module/course

  • Consultation

  • Help with curriculum

  • Help with handout prep

  • Preparation for shooting 

  • Managing group (6 participants max)

  • Editing/Revision

  • Licensed stock music

  • Text and graphics

5-12 business days/ 

$ 700

Five Module Course Production



- Five 5-20 min video lectures

- Five 10-15 min warm ups

-Five 20-60 min dramas

- Five 15-30 min processing

- handouts

-1 video preview for each module/course

- Same


5-6 hours/

Five 2-3 hours/

2-4 months/

$ 9900

5 Easy Steps to obtain your course: 

  1. Fill in the 

  • Get a consultation on setting up your camera and writing a script. This only needs to be done once

  • Fill in our script form (it is guided and easy)

  2. Prep for the course: we organize and guide it

  3. Course shooting: we organize it

  4. Wait (production process)

  5. Get your course

Statistics continuation: 

  • According to Maidul Islam, Dan-A.Kim, and Minjoo Kwon,  students prefer pre-recorded video lectures to live ZOOM lectures; 53.8% chose pre-recorded video lectures, 7.7% chose live ZOOM lectures, and 30.8% chose both pre-recorded and ZOOM lectures when they were asked to select their preferred method of learning.



 Islam , I., Kim, D.-A., & Kwon, M. (n.d.). A Comparison of Two Forms of Instruction: Pre-Recorded Video Lectures vs. Live ZOOM Lectures for Education in the Business Management Field. MDPI.



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